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Do you need a decorative artist to create authentic artwork for your home or furnishings, giving it a personal touch that brings a creative flair and a unique style to suit your individual decorating scheme?

Do you need an visual artist for mural paintings or scenic artist for your theater, corporate and association meetings and public event?

Are you looking for custom artwork for themed exhibits and displays for trade shows, retail and themed environments?

The perfect gift for yourself  - a custom personalized portraits in memory of your favorite pet  or a loved one

I am an Award winning, Visual and Scenic Artist, in the Los Angeles area, who has worked in theatres, churches, residential homes, the entertainment industry and painted murals . 

My expertise, skills and knowledge in these fields means that when designing or painting a mural or creating an original piece of art work or special effects for your home or business, you can be confident that I take pride in producing high-quality and original designs and effects, as well as knowing the latest techniques and utilize innovative styles and products to achieve the results you want.


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